Personalized Peloton logo/home gym decor/peloton symbol with leaderboard name.

Sign is made of wood and painted in a beautiful vibrant finish.  


Personalization Options are:

1. Cut through (can see wall in the background)(Only available on 24" or larger).
2. Engraved (cut into the wood but not all the way through), lettering will be painted a different color to stand out
3. Vinyl letters - many font styles, many vinyl colors to choose from


36 inch: 36”x25.47”
30 inch: 30"x22.5"
24 inch:  24”x16.97”
18 inch:  18”x12.73”
12 inch:  12”x8.49”


We include 3M double sided professional tape that is strong enough to hold the weight of the sign without the need to drill/nail to the wall. 


Feel free to message us with any questions.

Personalized Peloton Logo Sign